MUST Protocol

A Partnership Protocol has been signed between MUST-Misr University for Science and Technology and ONA Academy. In the presence of Dean Faculty of Mass communication at Must Uni. / Dr. Hassan Emad Mekawy and General Manager of ONA Academy/ Reem Magued.

Ministry of Environment

ONA Academy provided a specialized training course “Spokesperson” to eight employees of the Egyptian ministry of Environment in May 2017. In which the ministry asked for an intensive practical training in gaining the required skills of speaking to the media. How to be perfectly quoted and avoid being mis-quoted. Learning how to master body language, voice, and tone. How to deal with the camera, microphone and media production elements.

Cairo University

ONA Academy has been accredited by the faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University from May 2013 till March 2015, in this framework, ONA Academy was committed to give professional media scholarships to students and graduates, as well as teacher assistants in various media fields such as TV Directing and Voice Coaching.


The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) is a specialized Organization Affiliated with the League of Arab States, A protocol has been officiallyagreed on That ONA Academy is responsible for giving specialized spokesperson training and Supervising to whom got selected by ARADO to represent the organization as their spokesperson.


ONA Academy was founded in media training field since 2013 as a sister company to ON TV and ONTV Live. In the framework of partnership that lasted till 2015, ONA Academy was responsible for giving out several media training courses in various specialized media fields such as: TV Reporting , Voice Coaching , TV Directing , Photography, News Production and Editing for TV. These workshops were given to ONTV staff, anchors & producers to improve their media skills.

Al Nahar TV

In 2016 and as a part of ONA Academy media services with Al Nahar TV channel, ONA Academy provided “News Presenting” & “TV Reporting” workshops to a group of news anchors to qualify them to work in Extra News TV channel.

Ministry of Electricity & Energy

In the framework of the joint cooperation, ONA Academy organized its training course “Spokesperson” to Dr. Mohammad Al Yamani, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Electricity in December 2015.

Egyptian Food Bank

ONA Academy organized it’s training course “Documentary Filmmaking” for members of “Bank El Ta3aam, Bank el Kessa’ & Bank el Ghezaa” in August 2013.

Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung “FES”

In the framework of “Inclusive Citizenship” project, conducted by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Egypt and in cooperation with FES Egypt. ONA Academy provided a group of 14 young participants from (Cairo, Qena, Assiut, El Kharga Oasis, Menya and Alexandria).
The professional training needed to enable them to make their short documentaries, expressing and promoting the concept of “Citizenship” in general, and especially in their local societies. The training took three main phases starting August 2016: Phase 1: TV Cameras Techniques, Phase 2: Documentaries Filmmaking with a special focus on the concept of “Citizenship”, & Phase 3: Documentaries Editing (After shooting in their local societies).

Cathedral of St. Mark Abassia

ONA Academy organized its training course “Spokesperson” in May 2014 for the official Spokesperson of the Cathedral of St. Mark also organized “Online Journalism” course in August 2014.