This course shows me how to perform on camera, how to act before the camera, how to manage live presenting shows with the media environment.

Nourhane Ali / News Presenting - Mar 2017

If talent is found within you, then you should start from here. Here i discovered my weaknesses and how to evolve them, my strengths and how to take advantage of them. The trainers are highly experienced professionals.

Andrew Onsy / News Presenting - Mar 2017

Course was very useful and the studio shooting helped me a lot. It was beneficial to see myself on camera and understand my points of development. All the instructors were great and patient.

Aya Khalil / News Presenting - Mar 2017

Best place for learning “Editing for TV” and special thanks to Mr. Loai and Mr. Fawzy for learning me how to use “Final Cut Pro“ step by step.

Thanks ONA Academy <3

Mahmoud Gaber / Editing for TV - Feb 2017

A very worthwhile and enriching course…I’d recommend it to anyone who is keen to improve their usage of the language.

Martha Gendy / Arabic for Media and Journalism - Feb 2017

If I describe ONA Academy with one word only I would choose “Quality”. And I would also like to talk about the academy’s team, they are very helpful and respectful.

Ahmed Abou Zied / Podcasting & Youtubing - Apr 2017

My experience with ONA Academy was fun and distinctive ONA helped me through training expert professional that I SOUND Personal true independent learned several skills how intonation of speech and adapting the sound and breathing properly and being able to pronounce all letters and exits words sound as well as the ability to use my voice in all forms of diction and presentation of which news reports and registration and publicity and throwing colloquially texts and classical and stand right in front of microphone and in front of camera, ONA academic is synonymous with real media training professional standards, thanks ONA.

Shymaa El-Desoky / Voice Coaching - Mar 2017

It was my Genuine pleasure to be one of the participants in the first round of the “Radio Representing” Course ,  i had a previous experience in attending some courses with the same title but definitely ONA Academy added to my learning journey a lot , like what is media really about ,  i learned what is (Neutrality ,  Professionalism & How to create your own signature in this career. Finally i would like to seize the opportunity to thank the academy for lifting my learning curve and for showing me the real world of media.

Muhammad Sami / Presenting Radio Shows - Apr 2017

I always wanted to be a Talk-show host; this course gave me a wholistic experience of the field! Theoretically & Practically! It was an honor to meet Talk show’s fascinating trainers!

Yara Sobhi / Presenting Talkshows - Feb 2017