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British-CouncilConnecting the UK to the world and the world to the UK, the British Council is Britain’s international cultural relations body. We work in over 100 countries and territories across the world. We deliver hundreds of projects in the areas of education, arts, science, sport and governance. Our projects reach over 112 million people a year in the UK and around the world. Find out how we developed from small beginnings in the 1930s to become the major international organisation that we are today. We have developed our Integrated Equality Scheme to help us promote equality and eliminate discrimination in the areas of gender, race and disability. Find out how we are applying this scheme worldwide.

ontvIs a liberal channel that focuses on reviving the Egyptian identity and the values of citizenship, freedom, equality, modernization, rationality and expresses all these values through its slogan , ‘Stay In The Light’.
The channel’s objective is to spread liberalism and revive the Egyptian identity that was in Egypt before the 1952 revolution.
Isn’t directed against anyone. “But it is logical that its pro freedom and democracy message may conflict with other streams.
Defends citizenship rights and equality for all Egyptians disregarding religion or race.

liveONtv Live provides a 24/7 coverage for all the events and happenings in Egypt and the middle east.
What sets ONtv Live apart, is the massive amount of investment in the facilities that is available to the highly trained team of experts which follows the Government Institutions and all the Ministries and Society organizations, In addition to a dedicated team following on Politics & Economical events & political parties, civil society organizations and revolutionary movements.
Along with the local news sources and the delegated representatives in the various ministries, parliament, political parties, workers unions, civil society and the stock market. ONtv Live has correspondents trained and equipped with cameras covering the 26 governorates of Egypt.

onaONA is Egypt’s leading and most experienced company in the industry and has the market’s most modern SNG cars at its disposal. Our professional operational staff , News room and technicians take responsibility and ensure that your production will be a success.

Let go of the reins and let ONA solve the task. We take responsibility for all of the practical.

ashokaASHOKA is the largest platform for social entrepreneurs in the world. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Ashoka has provided stipends, professional support services and connections to a global network of nearly 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs – elected as Ashoka Fellows – in 70 countries. Ashoka is the professional home for entrepreneurial individuals from both the business and social sectors; a platform for the growing global network of people dedicated to creating systemic change. Ashoka Arab World (AAW), launched in 2003, is the regional branch of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since its inception, AAW has identified and elected more than 80 of the region’s leading social entrepreneurs in nine Arab countries.

concordiaConcordia Press Club Federation of Austrian journalist and writer Bankgasse 8A-1010 Vienna Austria.

Untitled-1The Oman Journalist Association is one of the professional institutions in the Sultanate of Oman that was able to establish its features and establish for the existence of umbrella for the Omani press . It was established on November 21, 2004. OJA was a member of the following unions :

– Arab Sports Press Association ( ASPA )

– Federation of Arab Journalists ( FAJ )

– Gulf Press Association ( GPA )

– International Federation of Journalists ( IFJ )

– Gulf Sports Media Federation ( GSMF )

– Asian Sports Press Union ( ASPU )